Organizing embroidery floss for hand-stitching

Creative spaces seem to flow naturally from order to chaos and hopefully back again as we move through projects. I am always looking for systems to keep my supplies organized, so cleaning after a project is smooth and enjoyable. 

Because I use embroidery floss (embroidery thread) to stitch all of my felt designs I need a good way to manage the many colors and strands! I don’t store my floss wrapped on thread cards because it becomes creased from the sharp edges of the cardboard cards. Over the years I have tried a variety of things but eventually landed on these 2 to 2.5-inch metal opening O-rings for storage. 

To store embroidery floss this way you first have to carefully unwind the skein, keeping the first end separated to one side, so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. Unwind the thread into a pile. When you reach the opposite end of the thread, match it to the beginning end and slowly draw the thread out the so full length of the skein can be folded in half. Fold the new doubled length in half three more times so that you have eight equal lengths that are approximately 36 inches (give or take). Cut the loops on either end of the folded thread. Slide numbered sleeve onto the cut threads if you want to remember the color number for future reference. Fold the cut thread bundle into a loose slip knot then attach it to the ring.

I store one color group on each ring, but they can also be organized by the project as well. 

Hope this helps keep you organized!