What threadfollower is all about...

Our goal at threadfollower is to foster stitching and handcrafting because “making” makes us happy and we want to share that joy with others! We also want to create products that you can feel good about (inside and out) by using local resources, recycled materials, and by making thoughtful choices in the design, development, and production of our products. We strive to give our kits as small a carbon footprint as we possibly can.

 Who are threadfollower kits for?

1. They are the perfect project for first-time sewers and experienced sewers alike, young and old.

2. Our animal kits bring big smiles to little faces and are a wonderful project for adults and children to make together.

3. Our kits are a great gift for creative friends of all ages.

Short on time?

1. Each threadfollower kit has everything you need (except scissors or embroidery hoop) included in one delightfully packaged box.

2. You can enjoy and complete many of our kits in an afternoon or evening.