Our level system (located on the bottom of each box) can help guide your choice depending on the age and ability of the maker. 

Level 1 kits:

For ages 8 and up (adults included!) Although designed for beginners, our level 1 kits are fun for all abilities!

White rabbit, Whale, Piglet, Canary, Bluebird, Cat, Kangaroo, and our Bird in flight kits

Level 2:

Beginner adults and competent young stitchers (10 and up, and up and up) These kits build on the skills developed in our level 1 kits and contain more steps and illustrations and more pieces to cut.

Pocket Pup, Brontosaurus, Owl, Penguin, Dove, and our Barrette collection

Level 3:

To be made by adults and enjoyed by all!
These kits are appropriate for beginner adults. If you are a novice adult and want to test your comfort level with sewing, feel free to begin with a level 1 or 2 kits before moving on to level 3. 

Felix Fox, Charlotte Fox, Rilla Raccoon and Frog Prince